A literary way

The way is named after a famous poet, but you will encounter more writers along the way.

In almost every district capital there are memorials to remember the importance of certain writers to those localities or regions. Camilo Castelo Branco (Pinhel), Afonso Ribeiro (Rua, Moimenta da Beira), Aquilino Ribeiro (Sernancelhe and Moimenta da Beira), José Leite de Vasconcelos (Ucanha, Tarouca), Miguel Torga (Lamego), Teixeira de Pascoaes (Amarante) or Gil Vicente (Guimarães) are just a few names of the many writers who left a deep imprint in the lands where they were born or to which they were connected.

Taking the Torres Way is also unveiling that wider background of Portuguese literary culture.

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