Footwear is a very important component to take into account so that the pilgrimage does not become a physical sacrifice. You should not wear new shoes right at the beginning of your walk; you should choose a type of footwear that you have already worn a few times, even if only in preparation for the way, as this will allow your feet to be used to it.

The type of footwear should be designed to protect the ankles. It should be slightly wide so as not to squeeze your feet too tightly, as it is normal for them to swell a little as you walk, which is why you should stop along the stages and loosen the shoes to relieve the pressure.

It should be waterproof footwear that allows perspiration. While in accommodation, try to wear other footwear, such as sandals or flip-flops, which you can also use for bathing. To make walking easier, you can use a staff or a walking stick, which will also help on steeper paths.

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