A way full of heritage

The way passes by four world heritage sites and six cathedrals. But often more important are the discreet legacies of the ancient cult of Saint James, such as the oldest sculptural representation of the apostle in Portugal, engraved on the main façade of the parish church of Sernancelhe.

The heritage associated with Saint James' cult and pilgrimage itineraries is structuring. Gloria's door of the Cathedral of Ciudad Rodrigo, the monumental complex of St. Gundisalvus of Amarante – a legendary pilgrim who promoted the construction of a bridge over the Tâmega River for the benefit of travellers – or the church of St. James of Braga are impressive materialisations of Jacobean relevance in these territories.

And there is so much more… from the monumental bridge of Ucanha to the simplest and most unnoticed Cavalar Bridge, from the fort of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción to the fortified city of Valença, from the diving fountain of Póvoa de Rei to the Saint James fountain of Braga, there is an immense heritage that reflects the historical roots of this itinerary.

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