A way of renewed attention

Two and a half centuries after the pilgrimage of Diego de Torres Villarroel, Luis Antonio Miguel Quintales has renewed the itinerary followed by the poet. In partnership with María Soledad Beato, he structured the Torres Way - caminotorres.com - as a modern Jacobean route, reinforcing its own identity through paths away from traffic and favouring an intimate relationship with nature.

This pioneering work was followed by the project for the cultural and touristic valorisation of the Torres Way, developed in partnership by five intermunicipal communities - Alto Minho, Ave, Cávado, Douro and Tâmega e Sousa - and involving 14 municipalities. Initiated in 2017, the project included the survey, signalling and improvement of the support infrastructures of this itinerary, as well as its promotion and dissemination.

With an impact on almost 235 km of the Torres Way, between Ponte do Abade (Sernancelhe) and the Minho River crossing (Valença), the project was focused on deepening the historical component of the route, thus reinforcing its authenticity.

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