Practical Aspects

The credential - it can be requested at the Pilgrim's Office or authorised entities, such as pilgrim associations, cathedrals and hostels. See the useful links on this website.

The COMPOSTELA - Upon your arrival to Santiago de Compostela, you must go to the Pilgrim's Office to get a certificate, the Compostela. This document is only issued when the reasons evoked for the pilgrimage are of religious, Christian nature.

The SIGNS - Along the way, you will find specific signs for the pilgrimage, usually the yellow arrow, painted on walls, rails, electricity and communications poles, simple stones or even on the ground/pavement. The Torres Way has its own signs in all important places, junctions, detours, etc., always bearing the scallop, in shades of blue and yellow, complemented by arrows.

SUPPORT FACILITIES - Along the Torres Way there are several public bodies that may be able to support you in case of need. You can find that list on this website, in the points of interest.

The Hug - After entering the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, you can go to the rear of the main altar, where there is a stairway leading to the statue of Saint James, which awaits your hug, the last gesture of a completed pilgrimage.

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