A unique way

The Torres Way takes its name from its most famous pilgrim, the writer Diego de Torres Villarroel, from Salamanca. It is a Jacobean itinerary that runs along ancient medieval roads that linked Salamanca and the hinterland of Portugal to the peninsular west and the coastal roads that provided access to Santiago de Compostela.

Throughout more than 24 days of walking, pilgrims enjoy a diversified route with its own identity, which is hard while at the same time fascinating, which is unknown and yet has so many points of interest for Saint James' cult.

Those who venture along these almost 600 km of route face steep climbs and long lonely days, but also pass by unexpected urban centres, stunning stretches of landscape and come into contact with a surprising heritage. Mountain and rural way of BéjarSan Muñoz, Salamanca, Castile and León, Spain.

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